Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ten Clever (and funny) ways to avoid doing report cards

Oh Procrastination!  You get me every time.

It is the middle of my spring break (Thursday to be exact) and I wish I could tell you that I was relaxing without a care.  I am currently procrastinating grading weeks worth of papers, thus report cards are not being completed. With it being Thursday, technically I have until Sunday evening to finish before the break is over.

Dangerous thoughts...I know!

Instead of complaining about how much work to do, I will write this cleverly humorous blog to give you a giggle while I painfully procrastinate some more.

Ways to procrastinate getting your work (icky grading of papers and doing report cards) done:

1. Go to the nearest Casino with $40.00 and leave 15 minutes later with empty pockets.  (No, I didn't win)

2. Wash and dry two loads of laundry, but don't fold and put away the clothes (too much work).

3. Sit on the couch with your computer out and the pile of papers (which are spilling out of your turn in basket) on the coffee table next to you.

4. Visit your favorite dieting website, and start reading weight loss success stories for a pick me up.

5. Next, visit that excellent teacher blog,; which you haven't been to in over a year and decide now is a great time to catch up on at least a year's worth of blogs.

6. Suddenly remember that you start your own blog last summer and now would be a great time to update it with a post.

Still need some more tactics to avoid report cards?  Read on.

7. Facebook stalk everyone you are curious about and that chick at work that you don't like.

8. Run the dish washer, but don't put away the dishes (again, too much work).

9. Text message long lost friends (who will reply with, who is this?  and then clarify your last name to jog their memory)--I say this because teachers don't have social lives during the school year.  We're too busy with our profession between the months of August and June to have outside of school contact.

10. After you have written this blog, scour it for sentence fluency, conventions and weak verbs.  Edit and rewrite as long as it takes.