Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worn Out Wednesday. New Uses For Old Things. Tissue boxes.

My first themed post!  *silly happy dance*

Okay.  I first read about this in a Real Simple magazine a few years ago.

At the beginning of every school year the kiddos bring in boxes and boxes of Kleenex.  What to do with the empty box when all the tissues have been eaten up?  (yes. doesn't it seem like the kids eat them considering how quickly they are used up?)

Use an empty tissue box to house plastic grocery bags. 

Everyone holds on to their plastic grocery bags from the super market and sticks them usually in a drawer or under the sink.  These things can be a menace when you collect them in large quantities.

However, how many times have you needed plastic bags for something in your classroom and you didn't have them?

Maybe you are out of garbage bags and the only way to get them is to threaten your custodian?
A child's lunch box got HI-C fruit punch spilled all over the inside of it?
You need to send home those messy graham cracker gingerbread houses you let your 1st graders make?
A child is moving schools last minute and needs to empty out their desk?

As you collect plastic grocery bags over time from your shopping trips just stuff them into an empty tissue box.  It takes up less space.  You won't have tons of bags inside one another.  All you have to do is pull one out like a Kleenex when you need it.

What are your new uses for old things?  I would love to know!


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