Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tip Thursday- Desk top name tags

At the beginning of every school year I select the best nameplates for my students.  I make sure they have a mulitiplication chart, number line, cursive alphabet, fractions, place value..... the works.

The first week of school I use packaging tape to secure them to the desks. 

However, over time I discovered the kids tend to ruin the kids tend to ruin them!

They color on them.

They write on them.

The tape is picked at.

Others will completely rip off their name tag and ask for a new one.

A few years ago I stole an idea from another teacher.

At the beginning of each school year host a name tag contest. 

Once the name tags are all plastered to the desks announce that the child with the neatest, cleanest, less picked at name tag at the end of the year will be getting a reward.

I make it clear that when I "judge" the name tags at the end of the year I will be looking for the follow:

*no picking
*no coloring on it
*no stickers on it
*the name not purposely rubbed off
*all of it still there

The kids were SO competitive that they did not touch their name tags!  My entire class (28 kids!) had beautiful looking name tags.

We had a 28 way tie. 

So now you are probably thinking........... the joke's on her!  She has to buy 28 gifts!


I didn't spend anything.

The prize was a homework pass.  I printed them off my computer and wrote the kids' names on them.

And the best part?  I judged the name tags just before the last two weeks of school.  My grade book was already closed and I was no longer grading homework. 

However, the kids did not know this and they were over the moon to be able to get out of a week's worth of homework.


  1. Neat idea! I laminate ours, so sometimes I can reuse them. My kids may stay with me for 2-4 years, so I find it helpful to reuse. Sometimes I can wipe off the name and reuse for other students as well.

    I get two- one with the manual alphabet and one with cursive, then I laminate them back to back. If a student is printing and ready for/wants to try cursive, I simply flip it over.

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